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Sunday, 28 May 2017
2013 Nationals Info:

2013 Free Methodist Bible Quiz Finals
Roberts Wesleyan College
July 8-12, 2013

Denominational Director: Eric Young | Director of Competition: Paul Stackhouse | Director of Quizmasters: Bob Swank

March 1, 2013

Dear Bible Quiz Leader:


Flee. A decisive action. A decision to run in the opposite direction. "Flee from the foolish and harmful desires that plunge people into ruin and destruction" (1 Timothy 6:9, word added for emphasis). If we are to flee from the foolish and harmful desires, to where are we to go? Pursue. Another word of action. A word with purpose. "But you, man of God, flee from all of this, and pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance and gentleness" (1 Timothy 6:11). What are we pursuing? Where do we place our attention, our thoughts, our desires, our focus?

As we gather for Quiz Finals 2013 at Roberts Wesleyan College, we will be called (even as we are today), to flee from foolish and harmful desires and to pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance and gentleness. What does it look like for leaders and students to live lives that are pursuing after wise and edifying desires?

We look forward to gathering with you this summer as we close out the 2012-2013 quizzing season and celebrate how God has moved within the lives of our students! On the web site you will find the registration forms for Quiz Finals. These need to be sent to the Denominational Director, Eric Young, postmarked by May 17, 2013.

DATES: Opening registration will be on Monday (July 8) from 3:00 - 6:00pm in the Cultural Life Center Room 219. Due to the number of teams expected to arrive on a staggered basis throughout the evening, Monday dinner will not be provided on campus. The awards ceremony will take place mid-afternoon on Friday, July 12. Everyone will be free to head toward home Friday evening. Sunday night (7/7) and Friday night (7/12) housing is available, but not included in the registration fee.

FORMS: There are six registration forms: Payment, Housing, Team, Individual, Additional Night Housing/Airport Shuttle and Medical. All of these need to be mailed to Eric Young with your payment by May 17, 2013. A completed medical form for each person in your group (quizzers, adults, and children) must accompany these forms. If you need housing for extra nights, please fill out the additional form for these needs. (Extra night housing is available at $22 per person per night.) These forms are not attached to this letter, but can be downloaded from the 2013 Quiz Finals web page at

HOUSING & MEALS: Registration for quizzers and adults is $215.00 for programming, four nights lodging, eleven meals, and a t-shirt. Housing on campus will be limited to the first 550 persons that register. After 550 persons have registered, teams will need to make their own housing arrangements at nearby hotels. (The individual registration fee will be reduced by $88 for those not staying on campus, and that can be applied toward the cost of the hotel rooms.) In addition, the first teams to register will have first chance to stay in the air-conditioned rooms.

LINENS: Towels, sheets, blankets, and pillow cases WILL be provided. However, pillows are limited and will only be available to those teams arriving by air.

CHILDREN: The rate for non-quizzing children who sleep on the floor in their parent's room is $130 for ages four and up, and free for three and under. University regulations limit the number of children that can be on the floor of one room to one (1). Non-quizzing children who need or desire a bed will be charged the full registration fee.

TEAM QUIZZING: Each team registration will be $180. This cost covers the quizmaster expense and Quiz Finals expenses. All teams will register in their specific division (STV, STR, YTV, YTR) with no distinguishing between A or B divisions. All teams will quiz in a round robin tournament to determine the top teams who will compete in their division final. Remember that in order to be a rookie team; the team can have only one experienced quizzer. If a team has two quizzers who have each quizzed at least one half of a year before this quiz season, then that team must be a veteran team. (Quizzing in 6th grade DOES count toward this experience.)

SPECIAL TEAM REGISTRATIONS: Any coach wishing to register a team that is not made up of members as defined by the Rulebook must contact the Denominational Director before registering such a team. This includes teams made up of quizzers who do not all attend the same church and other possible scenarios which may occur. Quizzers without teams can attend and be placed on a "pooled" team of like quizzers, but must compete in a "B" level division final.

INDIVIDUAL COMPETITION: Please register quizzers for Individual Competition. The cost is $5.00 each. The Association of Free Methodist Educational Institutions awards the top three finishers in the Senior Teen Veteran Individual Division, valuable scholarships to any Free Methodist college or university to honor their accomplishments.

SPIT-SHINE AWARD CRITERIA: A quizzing outfit that meets the following criteria: Name of team, name of quizzer, creativity, and goes with a theme of the current quizzing material will be eligible to compete for the award. We'd also like to see the uniforms of a design that would be functional / usable in actual quizzing competition.

DISABILITIES: If you have a quizzer with a disability for whom you would like to request special accommodations in the competition, please send your request as soon as possible to the denominational director for consideration. ADD is one condition that may be considered in this category.

JUMP SEATS: Quiz Seats are needed. Please bring them. Also please bring your broken sets. A skilled electrician has volunteered to work throughout Quiz Finals to repair jump seats at no cost to you. Let's make sure that all our jump seats are in good working condition--not only for this tournament, but also for the coming quiz season.

QUIZMASTERS will be contacted directly concerning their participation in Bible Quiz Finals. Eric Young will be processing and confirming recommendations. A quizmaster is not confirmed until he/she has received confirmation from Eric. Selected approved staff will not be charged the registration cost. Do not register someone as staff until that person has received confirmation from the Denominational Director, Eric Young.

QUIC (QUizmasters Including Coaches) quizzing will be announced within the next few weeks.

AIRPORT PICKUP: Transportation to and from the airport and train station WILL BE provided. Roberts will provide transportation from the ROC airport or train station for $10/person, round trip. As your travel arrangements are made, we will coordinate with RWC and get you connected.

COLLEGE CONTACT: Our Roberts Wesleyan College contact is David Dunn. The conference services office phone number is (800) 850-3707 or locally at (585) 594-6230. E-mail can be directed to the following address: Feel free to call or contact the office with any questions that you might have about Roberts Wesleyan College.

SPECIAL ACTIVITIES: Quiz Finals will conclude with an Awards Ceremony on Friday mid-afternoon. Several evening activities are being planned by the admissions department that will be announced soon along with the testimony/communion service. The swimming pool, racquetball courts and gyms will be open and available throughout our stay on campus.

DEADLINE/PAYMENT: Mail all forms (including medical forms for each person in your group) and your payment to Eric Young - QUIZ FINALS, 72 Diana Drive, Scottsville, NY 14546. It must be postmarked by May 17th. If you are paying by check, please make the check out to "Eric Young - Bible Quizzing". Late registrations may not be accepted. Please make and keep a copy of the completed registration forms before mailing. Forms are available on our web site. Remember that housing on campus will be provided only for the first 500 persons that are registered. Any registrants after that will need to make reservations in area hotels and campgrounds. No requests for refunds will be accepted after June 1st.

CONFIRMATION: Please be checking our web site at for additional information on Quiz Finals. Updated team registrations will be posted there following May 17th. Your only registration confirmation will be that your teams will be posted on the web site. Corrections to team and individual registration can be made via e-mail to Eric Young at While refunds for team registrations cannot be made after June 1st, legitimate requests to drop or move teams between divisions should be communicated as soon as the coach is aware of the need. Accommodating teams moving between divisions after June 1st are granted at the discretion of the tournament leadership and are rarely allowed within a week before the tournament.

Please be praying for God to touch lives in a special way at Quiz Finals. Pray for God's leadership as we co-direct this important ministry event. May God richly bless you and your ministry for Him.

Eric Young - Denominational Director
Free Methodist Bible Quizzing
(585) 943-7374 E-mail:

Last Modified: Sunday, 15 February 2015