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Thursday, 24 August 2017
I N T E R N A T I O N A L :


Pastor Daniel Shanzuh
ICCM Director and Bible Quizzing Director, Kenya

With the help of missionary Deborah Hogeboom, Bible quizzing began in Kenya in 2003. At that time, 2 sets of quiz seats were sent to support the ministry. Since that time, Bible quizzing has been a part of the youth ministry in Kenya as a component of their annual youth camps.

When Pastor Eric Young became the Denominational Director for FM Bible Quizzing, he shared a dream/passion/vision to see a missional focus as a part of our ministry. He dreamed that there would be missions teams formed of Bible quizzers and leaders who would introduce Bible quizzing to other parts of the world.

In March 2011, Brad and Heather Anderson traveled to Kenya as a part of a missions team from their home church, Aldersgate (Indianapolis), IN and had the opportunity to meet Pastor Daniel Shanzuh and demonstrate quizzing to the local churches they were ministering in.

At that time, Daniel had a vision and a new understanding of how Bible quizzing could be used as a discipleship tool. Daniel dreamed of seeing Bible quizzing introduced within the 8 ICCM schools within Kenya.

At the 2011 Quiz Finals, a special offering was received to purchase 8 sets of quiz seats to send to Kenya to support quizzing in each of the schools.

In 2012, FM Bible Quizzing sent it’s first missions team to Kenya under the leadership of Brad and Heather Anderson. Bible quizzing was demonstrated in a number of ICCM schools and our team participated in the annual youth camp. A special scholarship was established in the memory of a long time quizzing support Paul Bither. The Paul Bither Excellend in Quizzing Scholarship is awarded to the Kenyan Individual Bible Quiz Champion. The scholarship helps cover the cost of the student’s high school education for a year.

During the summer of 2012, there was a Bike Missions team that was riding through Kenya to raise funds to purchase property in Eldoret. The property was to be the location of the first FMC High School/secondary school. Currently all ICCM schools are primary schools. As the bike trip was coming to a close, there was a need for additional funds to purchase the property. An offering was received at the 2012 Quiz Finals to help close this gap. Our ministry was able to close that gap and have an investment in the future secondary education of Kenyan ICCM students.

In 2013, the Vincennes, IN FMC established a new scholarship to support quizzers in 8th grade who would be graduating out of the ICCM primary schools and needing the financial means to attend secondary school. This scholarship provides the necessary funds to cover the tuition for all four years of the student’s secondary education.

In 2014, FM Bible Quizzing sent it’s second missions team to Kenya under the leadership of Brad and Heather Anderson. While in Kenya, the quiz ministry purchased chickens to keep at the Eldoret property – to which we fondly call – “the quizzing flock.”

Bible quizzing is deeply invested in the work of ICCM in Kenya and we support and pray Pastor Daniel and his team as they continue to roll out Bible quizzing within all of the ICCM schools and dream about the future.

      Prepared by Eric Young, July 2015

by Mike Hopper
November 14, 2005

Young people in a number of countries around the world are learning more about God through Bible Quizzing. Since 1999, Quizzing has been launched in several countries outside the United States. How encouraging it has been to see God raise up leadership for this ministry around the world.

Quizzers and coaches in the United States of America have had the opportunity to pray for youth and quiz coaches in other countries and even provide assistance with the necessary resources for this life changing ministry. Jump seats have been provided for the following countries: Canada (2 sets), the Dominican Republic (1), Germany (1), Hungary (1), Japan (1), Kenya (2), Mexico (2), Nigeria (4), the Philippines (8), Taiwan (1), and Zimbabwe (2). Recently a large supply of scripture portions was sent to the Philippines.

Below are some highlights about the launching and development of quizzing in the various countries. Please remember these leaders and ministries in your prayers.


Mike Hopper Director
Free Methodist Youth Bible Quizzing


National Leader: Doug Wightman
Status: Several teams at Dryden, Ontario
Jump Sets Provided: 2

On October 19, 2005, the following note was received from Doug Wightman of the Dryden (Ontario) Free Methodist Church in Canada: "We sent 3 teams to a tournament in Steinbach, Manitoba, last weekend. Dryden was second in the A division, Dryden 2 was seventh in the C division, and Dryden 3 was fourth in the C division. Martin Wightman was top individual quizzer in the A division." Doug is also seeking to encourage nearby FM church youth to participate in quizzing, and Canadian National Youth Director Andrew Brown has recently expressed interest in the possibility of re-introducing quizzing across Canada.

Missionary Leader: Deborah Hogeboom
Status: Active quizzing ministry
Jump Sets Provided: 2

On December 09, 2003 Deborah Hogeboom wrote: "I am glad to report that the Kenya national quiz competition will take place in Nairobi on December 16. They will be quizzing from Mark 11 16. There will be 6 teams competing from 6 of the 8 districts. Quizzing has taken off in a mighty way. Several have reported an energized youth through quizzing. Generally youth ministry has taken on a new excitement. The adults are still trying to figure out what has happened to them!"

National Leaders: Superintendent Joseph Ekpo, Rev. Sunday Akpanigwe, & Patrick Ekpo
Missionary Leader: Phyllis Sortor.
Status: Active quizzing in several Nigerian states
Jump Sets Provided: 4

An organizing conference was held on January 26, 2002 where a plan was made to introduce quizzing at the Hope Academy and into each district of Nigeria. Shortly after that a commissioning of district coordinators was held, and Genesis was chosen as the material for the first year of quizzing.

Joseph Ekpo, Superintendent of the Free Methodist churches in Nigeria wrote about a national quiz tournament held on December 18, 2004: "Six districts competed. Ikot Ekpe came out first while Esa Ekpo took second and Ikot Afanga third (not so sure here). On the individuals' tournament, Cliff Itiat took 1st while Nwachukwu came third. I cannot remember the second for now. He bought good gifts in addition to the printed certificates and trophies that were sent from the states to the winning teams and individuals. The spirit in Bible quizzing is high." The Indianapolis-John Wesley Church (IN) had donated trophies for quizzing in Nigeria.

Superintendent Joseph Ekpo of Nigeria wrote in April 2005: "Last Easter I witnessed and even handed the prizes to the winning individuals and churches in one of the groups. Two districts hosted the two competitions." Please pray for the quizzing youth and leadership in Nigeria.

National Leader: Mae Navara
Missionary Leader: Roger Stone
Status: Active quizzing
Jump Sets Provided: 8

This testimony comes from Abegail Ansela in Buhangin, Philippines: "I'm really thankful to God for what He has done through quizzing. He has revealed so many things to me. I have been challenged to study God's word every day because otherwise most of my time is spent on useless things...God has taught me to be really thankful and to appreciate the blessings that He sends to me. Quizzing has brought a lot of lessons in my life, and I know God is going to teach me more through this ministry."

On April 6-7, 2006, eleven teams competed in the National Bible Quiz Finals in the Philippines. There were 7 high school teams and 4 college teams. National Director Mae Navarro directed this tournament as youth competed to answer questions from Romans and James. The competition was held in the Buhangin Free Methodist Church in Davao City, Philippines.

Mae is already making plans for the promotion and tournaments for several seasons. In 2006-2007, the focus will be on several regions; in 2007-2008 the focus will be on several conferences; and then in 2008-2009, the focus will be on holding another national Quiz Finals in Butuan City.

Recent (May 2006) Photos from the Philippines [Click on image for larger version]:

National Leader: Fibion Ndhlovu
Status: Active quizzing
Jump Sets Provided: 2

On October 21, 2005, Fibion wrote: "It`s good when we are serving the Lord. Our next Bible quiz competition will be held in December at Chikombedzi Mission. This will be at National level. The senior teams will be quizzed on the book of Acts and Free Methodism, and the juniors will be quizzed on the book of Ruth and on some memory verses."

Here are some of the comments from quizzing youth in Zimbabwe: Kingdom said: "I encourage you all to participate in Bible quizzing. I would be grateful if many are to be involved since it benefits the participants. This exercise makes us know the Bible as God`s children. Through this we will know God`s will for our lives." Qinani said: "I encourage you all to be quiz participants. Bible quizzing equips us with the necessary Christian camouflage. Participating is not merely aiming at getting prizes, but mainly aiming at getting to know the Word of God and Him (God) better."

The Ralph Jacobs Youth conference held competitions on the 30th of April. They involved both juniors and seniors. Both teams from Bulawayo won. Please pray for the quizzing youth and leadership of Zimbabwe.


National Leader: Erick Minor
Status: Promotion at conference youth gatherings
Jump Sets Provided: 1

In 2002, Erick Minor promoted quizzing in his district in the Dominican Republic, and several churches were interested. No recent reports have been received.

National Promoter: Ben Roßner
Status: Plans for promotion to non Free Methodist churches
Jump Sets Provided: 1

German exchange student Ben Rossner attended the Gowanda, NY FMC, and quizzed as a teen for one year, including competing at the 2002 US National Quiz Finals. As he prepared to return to Germany, he took resources (rule book, tournament organization book, and a set of jump seats) to assist in introducing his fellow believers back home in Germany to Bible Quizzing.

Recently Ben wrote: "At the Nationals in Seattle you gave a set of quizzing seats to me, since I was thinking about starting quizzing in Germany. So far I think I missed a couple of chances to get started here, but I just moved to a new city, looking for a church to go, a church that also could be open for the idea of quizzing- I think this could be a new chance. If you like, please pray and ask people to pray about that God may lead me in this case and if it is His will that He will somehow even the way to get Quizzing started, give everything, everybody who is needed, and wisdom for all decisions that are to make, and that He may use it all for his kingdom, for His glory." Please pray for Ben as he promotes the study of God's word through Bible quizzing in Germany.

Leader: Chaplain Steve Coates
Status: Quizzing last season, but not this season
Jump Sets Provided: 1

Since in the fall of 2005, Chaplain Coates was reassigned by the US Military and no longer serves in Japan, there is no quizzing ministry in Japan at this time. However, last season there was quizzing activity. On March 28, 2005, Military Chaplain Steve Coates reported: "Quizzing is alive and bearing fruit in Japan. Over the last 8 months, Bible Quizzing has been a regular weekly program at Marine Memorial Chapel at Marine Corps Air Station, Iwakuni, Japan. We have four quizzers who have endured through the season without anything remotely resembling a conference quiz. Since we have no conference or regional quiz tournaments, we have looked for other ways to add wholesome competition to our weekly practices. Recently, we invited adults from our congregation to study the material for the week and come to practice. They responded wonderfully. We have had several join one of the 'teams' for a day." A team representing Japan competed at the 2005 Quiz Finals in the United States.

Missionary Leader:
Status: Quiz ministry was demonstrated when the Runyon family visited the country in 2003: Watch video: low-res (1.5MB) med-res (8mb)

Missionary Leader: John Black
Status: Quiz ministry is not active since the Blacks moved back to the United States
Jump Sets Provided: 2

Since Missionary John Black has returned to the Wenatchee, Washington area, there is no quizzing in Mexico at this time.

Missionary Leader: Becca Doyle
Status: Considering the possibility of quizzing
Jump Seats Provided: 1

Recently Becca Doyle, missionary to Taiwan, wrote: "Thank you so much for your faithfulness in sending the Quizzing newsletters. I have printed them off and am keeping them in a Quizzing file/notebook. Last month you asked for some news about quizzing in Taiwan. Presently it is still in the "dream" stage. I have been leading a discipleship group for the last two years (one of which was with me at IYC 2003), and they have been memorizing the Navigators TMS verses. We have played with the seats a couple of times....The quizzing program needs someone who is dedicated to leading the program (I think I can fit this first requirement) and someone who has the time to direct those who are coaching (this I lack). Another hurdle that we have here is the lack of Chinese material. The Bible is in Chinese, but all other materials (questions, manuals, leaders guides, etc) need to be translated. At present I do not have the time myself, and I do not have anyone else that can dedicate the time to this important task....You can continue to pray. I am looking to the Lord for an open door on this one."

Vaughn Robart, former Quiz Director for the Southern Michigan Conference, has moved to Taichung, Taiwan to teach at Morrison Christian Academy. He hopes to assist with the introduction of quizzing to Taiwan.

Missionary Leader: Cathy Bushnell
Status: Exploring the possibility of quizzing

Recently Missionary Cathy Bushnell wrote: "While we are waiting to start Bible quizzing here in Tanzania until after my furlough, I appreciate you keeping me in the info loop. I am saving the study guide you sent." When Cathy visits the United States on furlough this coming June, she plans to observe some quizzing teams in California to learn more about this ministry.

Last Modified: Saturday, 04 July 2015