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Thursday, 24 August 2017
Q U I Z Z I N G   S T O R E :

Question Sets:

Practice questions may be acquired from these sources:
  • Free Study Questions/Worksheets by Ryan Benbow, Mark Colgan & others:
    Free Downloads:
        Mostly by chapter, about 25 questions per page MS Word

        Divided by number of verses to fit with Wilmore Computer Associates material division, plus one review worksheet per month: MS Word | PDF

  • Study Materials by Laura Colberg:
    Thousands of questions organized according to FM material breakdown, word lists, review quizzes. Current order form here or call 888-265-3686 for more details.

  • Practice Rounds are available from: Wilmore Computer Associates
    120 total practice rounds. 8 months, 5 practices per month is 40 total weeks. 3 rounds per practice is 120 rounds. 17+ questions per round with mini-scoresheet on each page. Starting at $60 (more if printed and shipped).

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Last Modified: Sunday, 06 August 2017