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Thursday, 24 August 2017

What Is Bible Quizzing?


Bible Quizzing is a ministry that encourages junior and senior high school students to study and memorize God's Word through competition. Each year a specific portion of scripture is chosen (eg. Matthew, the epistles, or 1 & 2 Corinthians) and quizzers will study that scripture throughout the school year. The competition comes when quizzers are matched with other quizzers to see who can answer the most questions about this specific portion of scripture. This is done on a weekly basis during Quiz practice, periodically at local tournaments, and annually at Regionals and Nationals.

How's It Done?

In Free Methodist Bible Quizzing 2 teams of 3 compete against each other to answer as many out of 15 questions as they can. The questions are read by a quizmaster, who judges whether a quizzer's answer is correct based on the book(s) being studied. Every quizzer sits on a chair having a pad on it that's connected via wire to a light box, which registers who stands up 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th. So the more a quizzer knows, the sooner he can be first to "jump" and answer the question correctly.


If a quizzer knows (or thinks he knows) what the rest of a particular question will be he can jump before the question is complete. This is called "prejumping". If a quizzer chooses to do this he must complete the question to the quizmaster's satisfaction and then answer the question. He has 20 seconds to do each one.

Goals of Bible Quizzing:

  • Give teenagers a motivator for memorizing/internalizing God's Word
  • Compete
  • Have fun!

10 Steps for Getting a Quiz Team Started at Your Local Church:

  1. Pray for the Lord's direction in starting this ministry.
  2. Talk with and secure the support of your pastor.
  3. Contact quizzing leadership (Regional, Conference, or Denominational Directors) for support and a schedule of area tournaments.
  4. Promote quizzing at your church: Have a nearby coach or one of the leaders mentioned above come and do a demonstration (resources are available for doing a demonstration from the Denominational Directors). Then talk with parents and teens until you have at least 2 teens and an adult coach committed to the ministry.
  5. Purchase printed resources from Light and Life Communications or other sources: portions, rules, practice questions, etc.
  6. Obtain quiz chairs by either borrowing or purchasing a set. Quizzing leaders can provide further information to help you obtain quiz chairs.
  7. Set dates and times for weekly practices (at least 90 minutes). Then call each quizzer a few days before the first practice to ensure their participation.
  8. Make practice fun so the quizzers will want to come back each week.
  9. Make sure your quizzers will be successful at their first tournament and be able to answer most questions by spending time studying with them.
  10. Make early plans to go to the National Bible Quiz Finals to give you and your quizzers a goal to work toward. Also, attending Nationals will be a big boost for your program the next year.

Last Modified: Saturday, 16 January 2016